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April 30, 2013- Fukushima, Japan...Kawauchi Elementary School Music teacher Takako Kanazawa (36) left jokes with her good friend Yui Agarahi (26) the school nurse.  The school which had a roll of 114 before the meltdown at TEPCO's Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, now has a roll of 24. Mrs. Kanazawa who is expecting in October describes the situation as 'tough', but also expressed her desire to "Wait for the children to come back even, if we have to wait for 20 years" She said of her   initial posting ?I was angry that they sent me here when I am pregnant. If I have to do this, ok, but it is not fair to expose my baby to this. That is what I thought then. Now I have gotten used to being here and I know that the radioactivity in Kawauchimura is very low. All the kids are playing outside, even the youngest ones and the soil has been decontaminated. So I am much more relaxed now. Even though it is still weird to live and work so close to Fukushima Daiichi.? Ms. Agarahi who is from Yamagata expressed similar reservations ?I was very worried, of course. It is very close to the nuclear plant, closer than Iwaki. Also, it had been evacuated, while Iwaki had not. So it seemed much more serious. I was not happy to go.?.(Photo by B.Meyer-Kenny/2.0 Images)
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