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Canadian Pierre Pariseau is taken to a police box after a brief confrontion with supporters of Gen. Toshio Tamogami during commerations marking the 64th anniversy of the end of World War Two at Yausukuni shrine in Tokyo, Japan on Aug 15th 2009. Gen. Toshio Tamogami  was dismissed after publishing an essay asserting that Japan was not the aggressor in World War Two. ..Pierre Pariseau was attempting to leave the shrine after being grabbed and shoved by supporters of the General as he attempted to get a taxi he was prevented from doing so by police. He was taken to a police box near Ichigaya station for 2 hours. He was released after writing a letter of apology to Yasukuni shrine,Sakura Channel and Gen. Toshio Tamogami. Mr Pariseau asked the General if he knew "That he would be arrested in Germany for doing what he was doing?" ..Established in 1869 by the Meiji Emperor to commerate those who died in the Boshin War. The shrine now houses the souls or 'kami' of Japan's war dead including 14 A-class war criminals who were interned among the 2.5 million war dead in 1978. Visits to the shrine by Japanese Prime Ministers create tensions with Japan's Asian neighbors. .(Photo by Bruce Meyer).