Bruce Meyer-Kenny
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Protest against changes to Japan's war renouncing Article 9

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June 30, 2014- Tokyo, Japan.<br />
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A women holds a placard proposing that Japan's war renouncing Article 9 should be given a Nobel Prize during a protest in front of the Japanese Prime Ministers official residence. Several thousand protesters opposing changes to Article 9 of Japan's constitution, an article that renounces war as a sovereign right protested in front of the Japanese Prime Ministers official residences in Chiyoda ward of Tokyo. <br />
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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is pushing for a re-interpretation of the article to allow for collective self-defense.<br />
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 The protest held a day after a unidentified man though to be in his 60's set himself on fire, on an over bridge near Shinjuku Station in an act of political protest against the proposed changes to the Japanese constitution. Some critics of the proposed changes fear a return to a militant Japan. <br />
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(Photo by B.Meyer-Kenny/2.0 Images)
Pro-Article 9 demonstration in front of Japanese Prime Minister's Official Residence 2014-06-302.jpg